Brett's Directory

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But, if you do know why you're here, welcome to my directory on

This is where I will upload mirrors of content available on the archives on my page, Memory Lane, and also misc. content that does not belong anywhere else.

Items in this directory have much less value than anything you can find on my other domains because of copyright and to save space, although there are items you won't find anywhere else here.

Send me an email at →← - If you contact me through a ProtonMail email address, it is end-to-end encrypted. I also have Keybase so you can contact me with PGP.

You can keep up of things I do on my website, my twitter, and Discord (brett[hash]6743).

I also have,, Discogs, and Bandcamp if music your kind of thing. I am always listening to something.

Help & Support us or come and talk with me and other users at the Memory Lane Discord server.

Here are all the archives I manage or upload to: